JULY 2023 Meet & Mingle Doon Event

Participating in Meet and Mingle, the Doon South Community Event, for the first time was deeply meaningful for us, especially with James being a part of this community. Their unwavering support has been vital to our business success, for which we are profoundly grateful. Giving bubbles to the children brought immense joy, their happiness making the experience unforgettable. We’re deeply appreciative of the overwhelming support and positive energy from the Doon South community. A special thanks to the organizers for their hard work behind the scenes. Being your sponsor was an honor, and we eagerly anticipate more opportunities to celebrate together as one big Doon South family. Thank you for having us!

Cambridge Celebrates Canada Day 2023

We took great pride in being sponsors for Cambridge Celebrates Canada Day 2023. It brought us immense joy to support the Animal Meet and Greet event for children, offering them a delightful experience.

Care is in the Air 2021

During the joyful holiday season of Christmas 2021, we proudly rolled out our very first campaign, “Care is in the Air,” a heartfelt initiative dedicated to spreading kindness and love.

Total Aire Care Christmas Giveaway

Christmas Toy Giveaway 2021

For Christmas 2021, we partnered up with Doon Village Pharmacy, Doon Pioneer Park Community Centre, Crispy Slice Pizza And Wings, Pioneer Park and Doon South residents, Groh Public School students and staff, and Mukul Verma to contribute 1259 toys to CTV Kitchener’s Toy Mountain Friday night. This is the largest donation they’ve ever received!

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