Chase joined the HVAC field after a friend encouraged him to find a passion after realizing factory work wasn’t for him.He is glad to be a part of the Total Aire Care team as everyone helps each other out and is customer service oriented. When he’s not receiving outstanding reviews for his service, you can …

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Shah joined the HVAC field because he knew it’s a fast growing industry that provides job security while still letting him create a bond with customers as he enjoys interacting with people. He wanted to work with Total Aire Care because it’s a fast growing company where contribution are appreciated and employees are well treated. …

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Yusif wanted to learn how to be a duct cleaning technician with an interest in power tools and get hands on experience. One of his favourite things about working for Total Aire Care is that “everyone tries to be the better comedian.”   When Yusif isn’t racking up his stellar reviews, you can catch him partaking …

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Mike started looking for a new career path that would support himself and his family.  After knowing James since playing basketball in high school, he was secure in the knowledge that this was a place that he could grow and be in a place he could feel confident working for. Mike has excelled in his …

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Having grown up in the rural countryside, Maddi has an innate knack for manual labour. His hands were raised to work hard and it remains one of his defining traits today. Technician


Brad has one of the most unique stories of our employees. Total Aire Care was the company that came to his rescue to install a new furnace. He appreciated their honesty and how they treated their customers that he was inspired to change his career path. He went to school and was an exemplary graduate …

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Being a HVAC installer was something Austin watched his dad (James) do as Austin grew up.  He was inspired to join the trades  as he enjoyed being his dad’s helper and learning all the in’s and outs. He’s proud that he’s helped grow this company and loves being part of the team. He has been …

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