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Dog Urine and Yearly AC Maintenance Tips & Tricks 

Dog urine is highly acidic and can cause serious damage to your AC unit. To prevent this from happening, it is important to build a fence around your air conditioner that is at least 3 feet away from the unit. This will allow air to flow freely through the fence, while protecting your AC from corrosive dog urine. So, if you want to keep your AC in good working order, be sure to create a barrier. 

Adding a fence around your air conditioner is an effective way to protect it from being damaged by corrosive dog urine. This is because urine has a high level of acid, which can corrode your unit’s external parts, like the aluminum fins and AC coil.

(If you want to keep your AC running smoothly for years to come, be sure to create some distance between you and Fido! You might just save yourself a costly repair bill down the line.

New AC Unit vs one that is damaged by Dog Urine

Yearly AC Maintenance
A New AC Unit fresh out of the box compared to one that has been damaged by Dog Urine.

Want more AC Maintenance Tips & Tricks? Here are 9 more tips for you!

Summer is the perfect time to make sure your AC unit is in good working order. Follow these tips and tricks to keep your system running smoothly all season long:

1. Check for any loose parts or signs of wear and tear. If anything looks damaged, be sure to have it repaired or replaced before turning on your AC for the season.

2. Give your unit a good cleaning. Remove any dirt, dust, or debris that has accumulated on the exterior or interior of your AC unit. This will help improve its efficiency and prevent potential problems down the road.  Make sure you don’t use a water source that has too much high pressure. 

3. Inspect your ductwork. Make sure there are no holes or leaks in your ducts, as this can lead to wasted energy and higher utility bills. If you find any issues, get them repaired right away to maximize your AC’s efficiency.

4. Schedule regular maintenance checks with a professional HVAC technician. Having your unit inspected and tuned-up by a qualified HVAC technician will help ensure that it runs at peak performance all season long. Yearly AC maintenance is recommended.

Yearly AC Maintenance

5. Trim any plants or bushes that are near your AC unit. This will allow for better airflow and prevent your system from having to work harder than necessary.

6. Keep your furnace filters clean. Dirty filters can restrict airflow and cause your system to work harder than necessary, leading to higher energy bills. Be sure to check and clean your filters monthly during the summer season

7. Check the drain line and pan to ensure they are clear of debris. A clogged drain line can cause water to back up and damage your AC unit.

8. Keep an eye on your electricity usage. If you notice a sudden spike in your energy bills, it could be an indication that your AC unit is not running as efficiently as it should be. This could be caused by a number of factors, such as dirty filters or a problem with the compressor. If you notice a significant increase in your bills, contact a professional HVAC technician for help.

9. Be proactive about repairs. If you notice any strange noises or smells coming from your AC unit, don’t ignore them! These could be signs of a serious problem that will only get worse over time. Contact a qualified HVAC technician right away to have your unit checked out and repaired if necessary.

For more information on AC maintenance check out this article from Forbes

By following these tips, you can help ensure that your AC unit runs smoothly all summer long. If you have any concerns about your system, or if you need professional assistance, don’t hesitate to contact a qualified HVAC technician from Total Aire Care for help. Good luck and have a great summer!

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