Cambridge Times Awards 2022

Cambridge Times readers voted for Total Aire Care for the second year running. James and Keatley also picked up individual awards for their great work this year.

Thank you to Cambridge Times readers for your support!

Cambridge Times Awards 2022

Gold Award Winner

Best HVAC Services

Total Aire Care

Diamond HVAC Contractor Award Winner

James Chandler

Gold Award Winner

Keatley Campbell

Cambridge Times Gold Award 2022

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Our Amazing Staff!

At Total Aire Care, we have an award-winning staff of experienced and skilled service technicians who are dedicated to providing you with the best products and service possible.

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Being a HVAC installer was something Austin watched his dad (James) do as Austin grew up.  He was inspired to join the trades  as he…

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Brad has one of the most unique stories of our employees. Total Aire Care was the company that came to his rescue to install a…

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Having grown up in the rural countryside, Maddi has an innate knack for manual labour. His hands were raised to work hard and it remains…

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Yusif wanted to learn how to be a duct cleaning technician with an interest in power tools and get hands on experience. One of his…

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