James Chandler

James was looking for a career that he was passionate about and was drawn to HVAC when he was 16 years old. Decades later, he still loves informing customers – he never wants them to feel pressured but to learn the best solutions for their home.  He wanted a business with a strong foundation, partnering with his close friend and has grown it with pride with close friends and family.

He loves that Total Aire Care has a strong investment in community involvement and an even stronger relationship with its customers. When James takes a moment, you can catch him trying to build his shoe collection or spending time with his family and animals.

Co-Founder of Total Aire Care

We Love Our Community!

At Total Aire Care, we believe in community efforts and giving back. That’s why we partner with local charities to support their causes, and also host contests for our community members to be part of something special.

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