Indoor air quality and the iWave-R

Indoor air quality and the iWave-R

With the iWave-R you can breathe easier knowing that any contaminants in your home are being removed with every breath. You’ll get rid of anything floating around that might be unpleasant or dangerous for those with respiratory problems like asthma or COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease).

This unit purifies the air in your room and removes pet odors, from dander on your furniture from long-gone pets to that crumpled paper towel underneath your Keurig.

How it Works

In summary, the iWave-R is installed into the ductwork of your furnace, where all warm and cool air originates as it flows through the home. As the air flows past the iWave-R, positive and negative ions purify the air, and in turn, kill bacteria, mold, and viruses in the air. Sounds a little unbelievable right?

The science works like this. iWave uses needlepoint bipolar ionization (NPBI). Creating equal amounts of positive and negative ions, breaking down pollutants into compounds like oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and water vapour.

When the ions encounter viruses, mold, or bacteria, they remove the hydrogen molecules from them. Because this effectively removes the source of energy from the viruses, bacteria, and mold, they effectively die.

The iWave-R is the best way to purify your air. It’s installed right in front of all that warm and cool coming from your furnace so it can kill bacteria, mold, viruses with positive and negative ions! If you’re curious about how this works or what exactly happens when these particles are being negatively charged by the unit then please let me know because I’ll be happy to explain.

What the iWave-R is not

The iWave-R is not an air filter, yet, in a way, it is able to act like a filter in that it cleans your air. The iWave-R will not remove dust from the air and is not a replacement for an air filter. Air filters work on a different aspect of the home. For more information on air filters, and on one specific air filter we recommend, see our article on HEPA air filters.

Okay, so now all of this might be sounding a bit mysterious, like a gimmicky magic trick or a cure-all snake oil.

The fact remains, it is not a gimmick, nor is it snake oil, and is in fact a new technology that works on cleaning the air. Let’s dig in.


History of Nu-Calgon

First, let’s start with looking at the history of the company that makes the iWave-R, Nu-Calgon.

Nu-Calgon has been helping people take care of their homes for over 50 years. The iWave-R was created to combat airborne particles that can accumulate in your home throughout the day, such as dust, smoke particles, mold spores and pollen. Nu-Calgon also gives you peace of mind by protecting against sickness caused by these contaminants.

Does the iWave-R create ozone in the house?

The short answer is no, but let’s take a deeper dive.

Ozone is created in the atmosphere, and it has been found that ozone can be created indoors as well. This is a serious health issue because exposure to ozone for just a few minutes can cause problems to your lungs, heart, and other organs. 

iWave uses Needle Point BiPolar Ionization to create ions (positive and negative) to address pathogens, has been rigorously tested for ozone. iWave does not create ozone per UL 867-2007 Ozone Chamber Test.

For more info, check out this video on YouTube about the Nu-Calgon iWave technology

For more information on Indoor Air Quality, check out our Indoor Air Quality page.

The iWave-R is a revolutionary product that can be used in many ways. It has the potential to transform lives and make an impact on our society. If you’re interested in learning more, give us a call at 226-894-1000 for your free consultation today!

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