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HEPA Filters and Covid19

What are HEPA Filters?

What is HEPA? HEPA stands for “high-efficiency particulate air” (filter). The technology has been available since post-World War II, and is used extensively in hospitals to reduce the number of particulates and virus transmissions in the air.

In short, it’s a proven technology. That technology has been adapted for home use. The best HEPA filters, usually connected directly to the heating and air conditioning units, (HVAC), have been rated at more than 99% effective. These HEPA units can handle all the air in a home.

There are also portable HEPA filters, which are handy for cleaning the air in individual rooms. The U.S. Centre for Disease Control advises: “When used properly, air purifiers can help reduce airborne contaminants, including viruses, in a home or confined space.”

The CDC advises health-care personnel that air from rooms where COVID-19 patients are being isolated “should be exhausted directly to the outside or be filtered through a high-efficiency particulate air filter directly before recirculation,” HEPA Filters are another weapon in the war against Covid19. Obviously, HEPAs are no defence against coming into close contact with an infected person. So follow health experts’ guidelines and wear masks, maintain social distancing, frequently disinfect surfaces you touch, and, of course, get vaccinated.

Through the recent use of portable air cleaners by the Government of Ontario for cleaning indoor air to reduce COVID-19, HEPA filters are are an essential component for portable air cleaners currently in use. Read their article, Use of Portable Air Cleaners and Transmission of COVID-19, for more details.

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HEPA and Allergies

In this age of Covid, it’s easy to overlook why Canadians have used HEPA filters before the pandemic: Allergies. HEPA filtration is the best choice to filter: dust, germs, viruses, allergens, pet hair and other cat & dog allergens, etc. High-level filters are particularly important for children with breathing problems,

Can You Wash HEPA filters?

Yes, but how you clean them depends on the make. But the process is simple and effective. And HEPA filters are durable, lasting up to three years.

Who can best handle your HEPA needs?

At Total Aire Care, our experts are ready to answer all your questions and provide professional installation.

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